Additional Ministries

We partner with many ministries around the US. They minister to artists, churches, the military, prisons and many others.

Youth Camping

Eagle Lake is a youth camp situated in a breathtaking mountainous location near Colorado Spring, Colorado. The goal is to inspire Christ-centered love and commiment, through counselor relationships, in the midst of exciting outdoor experiences.

One. Impact. Change.

A movement of thousands of courageous men and women passionately following Christ, representing Him in advancing the Gospel through relationships where they live, work, train, and deploy.

Impacting lives in our prisons

Prison Discipleship collaborates with churches, volunteers, and ministries to recruit, train, and support those who go into prisons to share God's love and hope.

Connect with others doing ministry in the workplace

The Navigators is committed to helping people make disciples where they work. Listed below are some of our workplace ministries with links to websites and contact information so you can learn more. You can be involved in making disciples among your co-workers, no matter where you live or where you work.

Artists Ministry

A community for artists with the desire to evoke passionate voices and expressions of beauty, goodness, and truth, through creative and redemptive lives.