Taking your faith to the Nations

Whether you are considering an overseas trip or just want to reach the international people around you, we have ministries to help.

Living and Discipline among the Nations

NavMissions focuses on advancing the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations. Our 350+ long-term staff work in: 26 closed countries, 24 countries identified as Islamic, 31 countries of the “10 / 40 window,” which spreads from West Africa to East Asia. NavMissions staff members serve alongside 1,900 Navigator laborers of 69 other nationalities, together advancing the gospel in more than 100 countries around the world!

Changing the world.... One leader at a time

Countries throughout the world send their top students and future leaders to the United States for university training. They are at our "doorstep!" ISM staff serve these students and help them understand what it means to become a follower of Christ and a laorer for His kingdom. These men and women will then return to their country and have a profound impact on their families, co_workers, and network of friends.

Arise, Advance, Abound Into the Nations

iEDGE is a movement of a new generation of U.S. Navigator laborers, arising and rapidly deploying as teams into the nations, partnering with existing Navigator works, to advance the Gospel and to help develop lifelong laborers.

Transforming African Communities Through Whole-Life Discipleship

This ministry of The Navigators works among the poor and specializes in holistic development. They work with partner agencies in Africa and Asia doing Christian community development, addressing issues like: spiritual growth, HIV, local resource development, community health, availability of clean water, basic sanitation, and sustainable economic development. This ministry could be a perfect fit for you.