It’s Time For A Change

It seems that we are always involved in some sort of transition: a new job, a new address, a new set of relationships. Transitions shake us up. Our familiar routines are disrupted along with our sense of comfort and security. But transitions give us an opportunity to look at our life and see what is working and maybe what is not. Transitions open us up to change.

Here are four questions we can ask as we take on a change.

  1. Am I counting on this change to bring me life? A successful change does not necessarily make me happy. A fulfilled life does not merely come from accomplishing great goals or being given just the right opportunities. God Himself must be at the very core of all my longings and desires. I want to echo the prayer of David in Psalm 16:11 “You, Lord will show me the path that will really bring me life. It is in your presence that life is full and complete.
  2. What is my motivation for changing? I need to connect my desire for change to a clear goal not just a vague idea. What is really important to me? Why is it? Put it in writing!
  3. Who are my friends? As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 A good friend can make a huge difference in keeping me accountable for the changes I want to make.
  4. How can I set my environment up for success? When my running shoes are at the bottom of my closet, chances are I will forget that I wanted to use them. I will be more likely to continue to develop a new change if I make things that I want to do easy to see and to get to and things that I don’t want to do hard to get to and out of sight.

About the Author
Janet Lewis and her husband, Mark have worked with the Navigators for over 35 years. They have worked with college students, ministered in Africa and currently live and work in Colorado Springs, CO. Janet has led Bible Studies, discipled women, and has been a speaker for women's retreats. She is currently the Coordinator of the Care Management Team for Navigator missionaries.